Barbarians is the vocation that uses big double-handed weapons. These fighters are very aggressive and their defense is their attack.

Barbarians have a lot of hitpoints, they need a good amount of hitpoints to extend their fights over the time.

Their defense is above the average (higher than mages, shamans, archers but lower than knights), as they do not wear a shield, they do not have a very high defense against physical damage, but at the same time their rage and their strong bodies are very good to absorb magic attacks.


Their strength and endurance make them feared and respected everywhere.

They never flee a fight and once in it, they only stop fighting when their enemy is destroyed. The Barbarians

Are moved by fury, so the more injured they are, the greater the damage.

They use clubs, scythes and heavy axes, anything that can cause as much damage as possible.

They do not wear heavy armor, they like to fight free, and so they can move faster,

Because they believe in their reflexes to deflect the attacks of the enemies."

Streamy description of the Barbarians.
BS vocation barbarian